To Gamble or Not to Gamble

Posted by Gordon Forge on December 28, 2018

To gamble means to take a risk with a potential of a positive outcome. It also means a risk undertaken with a potential gain or a significant risk is implied. Maybe that is why so many people are drawn to gambling because there is the thrill of winning it big even though the risk may be great. Some people gamble as a hobby, some people gamble socially and some people gamble as if their lives depended on it. But just like the saying, “Too much of a good thing is bad for you”; the most important thing to remember when gambling is that in an instant you can lose it all. You can walk into a casino and have nothing to lose but just like that you can walk out empty-handed. As a gambler, you can always win just as much as you can lose.

Gambling is synonymous to casinos as flowers are to spring. Popular casino games are roulette, blackjack, poker, craps, slots and backgammon. A balance between winning and losing characterizes all these games that is determined by a mixture of skill and chance, and quite a bit of patience and determination. There are also other forms of gambling that are not related to the casino. Examples of these are playing bingo, buying lottery tickets, betting on card games with friends, going to horse tracks to bet, betting on games of skill such as basketball or pool, logging into Internet casinos to gamble and stock market speculation. In gambling, one can hope for a positive outcome but one must be prepared to lose at the same time.

Risking your own money or, in some cases, valuables with the hope of winning more than you’re risking is gambling. It may be called it a bet between friends or “Let’s make the game a little more interesting” does not change the fact that it is still gambling. The last one to notice a gambling addiction is the gambler himself. But once gambling becomes your life, once you start neglecting your friends, your family, your responsibilities just to gamble, then you’ve got a problem. For some people gambling is like a drug, once hooked on it, it’s very hard for them to stop. They live, breath and eat gambling at the expense of their jobs, time with their loved ones and just living a happy and healthy life.

Gambling may look tempting because of the risk, the thrill and the high stakes. Being in “action”, feeling you heart beat triple time when you’ve won and living the good life may draw you into gambling. But just like anything in life, think twice first before you leap. You never know with gambling, that leap may be your eternal downfall.

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