Obvious Benefits of Syndicates.

Posted by Gordon Forge on February 4, 2018

According to statistics, about 40% of all wins fall on the clubs and pools (syndicates). What is a pool (syndicate)?

Pool (syndicate) – is a group of colleagues, who have a whip-round $ 10 once a week and purchase lottery tickets for all the money. This group can exist for a long while, and the number of its members may alter. Participation in such a group multiplies the chances of each of its members to get a prize . Remember that the chances of winning increase depending on the number of tickets in one circulation that is in your hands.

Consequently, the pool (syndicate) – is a kind of club of fans of lotteries; people who join together their finances to purchase a large number of lottery tickets. A membership fee to this club is money that you give for the purchase of tickets. For example, a group includes 10 people. All club members are making the same amount of money, and then in case of winning, everyone will receive 10% of the total jackpot. Participating in such a group purchase of tickets, you increase your chances in several times. Consider a visual example: a ticket costs $ 2 and your team has $ 200, since each member gave $ 20, and then you have 100 tickets, not 10, if you’ve played one.

To take part in the pool (the syndicate), it is not necessary to sign any documents or contracts; all is discussed in oral form. But we have to keep track of that each participant would know his percentage of total win. Such information can be provided through an e-mail.

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Since now the 21st century, the work of a pool (syndicate) can be organized through the Internet that is very convenient nowadays:

1. Collecting money, the distribution of winning and verification of tickets is done automatically.

2. The participants have the opportunity to benefit from any lottery, even the big world, there are no territorial limitations.

Like playing lotteries? You might want to try to do that online as well. Visit this lottery syndicate site where you can try to push your luck and find lots of related info on lottery winning numbers.

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